Miller Avenue School

Our Core Values

Respect Responsibility Aroha Honesty Self-discipline

For ourselves, each other, our community and our environment. 

These values are the measure of all that we do, think and say. They pervade all that is the life of the school and are part of who we are.

Our Mission

“Simply the best” noa te pai

 Through education, we empower students, as they strive for higher levels of success and happiness.


Our Vision

"Creating brighter futures together.” 
Success,  Future forward capacities, Wellbeing , Identity

 Our vision is epitomised in our year 8 students. As they leave our school these young people must be able to ready to step forward into a world of opportunities where change and working with the unknown are everyday experiences. 

To attain their goals many may move beyond Paeroa and the safety of their family and community.  If our children are to be  successful in these challenges they must have a broad range of skills, attitudes, beliefs, values, experiences and knowledge.

For our year 8 students to be successful and happy they will need to ;

 1.   Have attained the highest standards of academic achievement, in a balance of curriculum areas, but with special emphasis on the areas of literacy and numeracy. All students completing their education at our school should believe themselves successful learners of academic curriculum's, equal to any other.

2. Should be able to respond appropriately to information presented literally, visually, aurally and numerically, in a variety of contexts, with understanding and control.

3.   Have high levels of Information and Communication Technology knowledge and skills that will enable them to take advantage of opportunities available in the technological world to which they belong.

4.   Will be creative and innovative in their thinking and use these attributes alongside critical thinking skills, risk taking, and initiative, to become self developing learners.

5.   Will have positive attitudes about themselves and others, plus the social and work skills, and cultural knowledge and tolerances, that will enable them to work alongside others in the communities and cultures they are, or will be, part of.

6.   Be confident and own their own identity and “place” so they are connected to their communities (iwi, hapu, whanau, family, clan, town, region) and able to participate as New Zealanders in the fullness of their culture, its language, practices and sense of “being”.

7.   Will be aware of how to keep themselves healthy ; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so that they are resilient and happy. To do this they will be able to make responsible choices about their own well being.

8.   Have confidence in themselves to take control of their lives, to make decisions and live with enthusiasm, grace, power and  mana.

9.   Recognise their own strengths and are aware of how they can develop and use these in the future.

10.   Will have high aspirations for themselves and for what they can contribute to their family, whanau and community.