Miller Avenue School

Miller Avenue School Board Members - Elected August 2022

Deborah Eastham -

Janine Appleby - Presiding Member

Jane Lupton - BOT Staff Representative

Rowena Tauranga (Roey)  - BOT Parent Representative

Adam Chwesik - BOT Parent Representative

T3 - 2023

We have vacancies, please contact office if you are interested.  Watch this space!

What does the board do?  Section 127 of the Education and Training Act 2020 describes the board's responsibilities.

This is achieved through particular governance activities such as:  

setting the strategic direction and targets for the school or kura

planning towards and reporting on achieving those targets

curriculum management

financial and property management                          

policies and procedures

health and safety

employment of staff at the school or kura.

The board has a duty to show to its parents, community, and to the government that students are being well prepared for life beyond school. Evidence of progress and future direction is outlined annually in a charter, which is a document declaring specific annual targets and long-term goals.

The board is elected by members of the school community to ensure that the school community has a voice in how its school operates.

The board must also ensure it is a good employer to all the staff in the school or kura.