Miller Avenue School



Cullen Caterers have taken over the school canteen and a new menu has been sent home with students. 

We are aiming to be a zero waste school so the food will be sold on reusable plates that the students return to the canteen.

All of this is new territory for the school. We hope to educate students to choose healthy options and develop their love of good food. If your child is buying a lunch everyone wants to be sure that it is the best quality and suitable for learning.

If we really want to educate your child about healthy eating and zero waste then we must walk the talk. It is a bold adventure for us all which I hope you will all support.

We will still maintain our traffic light system;  GREEN = Everyday  ORANGE = Sometimes  RED = Treat only

We will also introduce JERF  —   JUST EAT REAL FOOD.  

We will be talking to you all about reducing the packaged food in lunch boxes as well. Some schools have banned all food in packages as this makes for healthy eating, reduces litter in in the grounds and reduces waste. We don’t wish to be that harsh but we do ask for support in having healthy options in lunch boxes. Sandwiches, wraps, fruit etc are very good. Even yogurt needs to be looked at carefully as most brands are packed full of sugar which is not good for learning or children's health.

Kaye Ferguson,